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Award dan Certifikasi

Aculife Worldwide Award & Recognition
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Medical, alternative, acupuncturists – all have things to say about the Aculife.

From a British GP
"As long as you accept the idea and principles of acupuncture (and not everyone does) this certainly has merit". Stated after a brief introduction to the Aculife.
Dr Ian Wiles BM BCh MRCP MRCGP MFHom DipMedAc 2004

From Master Martin Lee, Advanced Reiki Energy Master. 2004
" Wow is what I can say. Well at first it felt some what a little strange but after a few days I was hooked, it's like a multi intensive Acupressure machine in your palms you feel great sense of calm after use, plus the health benefits are great. I thank you Steve and thoroughly recommend your product and site - it complements the energy work we do

From the Inventor Mr. Chiang Chih-Cheng, member of the Taiwan Provincial Acupuncture Association:

"Why is the ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE DEVICE safer and more effective than other devices on the market? The reason is there is no other product like it. The ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE DEVICE treats people by acting simultaneously on acupoints on the hands and ears. When the wave stimulates a certain organ's acupoint on the hand the device can act on the same organ's acupoint on the ear.

This creates a reinforcing action that is far more effective than working on a single acupoint

When a person feels discomfort in a certain organ disrupted bioelectrical signals will travel along pathways in the body that are reflected in the acupoints in the hands and ears.

By restoring the normal flow of blood and chi the feeling of pain will gradually disappear which also indicates that body is functioning normally.

Biowave treatment promotes blood circulation, increases metabolism, improves immune function and develop a strong healthy body."

The ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE DEVICE was developed to make up for the limitations of Chinese and Western medicine. Common modern ailments such as sensitive stomachs can lead to a number of illnesses ranging from toothaches, upset stomach, muscle aches and even serious illnesses such as diabetes, liver disease and strokes.

Most people wait for serious symptoms to appear before seeking medical assistance. Usually by that time it is already too late.

Early detection and treatment is the most effective way to treat any type of disease. Using the ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE DEVICE you can bring immediate and noticeable improvement to your health.

Testimonial from Chinese Medicine by Dr. Lin Yin-Min. Director of Taiwan Provincial Acupuncture Medicine Association.

"Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine that is performed by skilled practitioners. When working on acupoints in the hand acupuncturists commonly use thicker needles that can bring a more painful sensation. When you can feel the sensation it means the treatment is more effective.

The newly invented biowave treatment does not require manual insertion of needles or even a skilled acupuncturist. You can treat yourself unassisted at home.

...Using biowaves you can locate the acupoint positions that work the best for treating your health condition regardless of whether you have a chronic or acute illness."

The acupoints in the hand connect to all the major organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart.

The hand also has a particular acupoint that regulates male sexual function. So repeated biowave treatment at this point can improve sexual function. This is why the device is sometimes called Electronic Viagra.

Recommended by CTV News
(Reporting from CTV News, Taiwan)

"There is an electronic device that has been nicknamed the electronic viagra. What makes this device so special? Wang Hsiang Mao and Guo Chong Yu reporting....
"This small electronic device is a new invention that is said to improve the sexual function of men. The inventor originally wanted to use the principle of biowaves to find blocked energy pathways in the body and improve health by opening these pathways.
He never dreamed that the device would be used to treat impotence in men.
Since no injection or drugs are required with this device, word spread quickly about this ‘secret weapon', prompting many men to start using it
User: "The places that don't feel good will hurt a lot but most of the time you don't know it."

Chiang Chih Cheng spent 16 years developing this small device. His greatest dream is to introduce this device to people around the world, so everyone can know the benefits of Chinese acupuncture."

Testimonial from Western medicine by Dr. Chon Wei-Jen. Attending Physician Hong-En hospital.
"The ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE DEVICE can treat diseases that are considered untreatable by Western medicine. Western medicine is good at alleviating the symptoms but Chinese medicine actually cures the root causes of disease. No drugs or injections are needed - you only need biowave treatment to improve your condition.

After you diagnose your disease with the ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE DEVICE and start a period of treatment you will return to health without drugs or injections. You can even perform treatment on yourself to improve your body's constitution and immune function and become a strong and healthy person."

Diabetes, sleep deprivation, enlarged prostate, sexual dysfunction and high blood pressure are all major threats to health. This device could make a crucial difference to your future health.

Maklumat Teknikal

Technical Data:
  • Channels: 1
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical, biphasic square-wave
  • Voltage: 1.65 V to 3.4V
  • Wave train: Continuously
  • Pulse Width: 64 to 76 microseconds (µs) adjustable
  • Continuous: Continuous stimulation
  • Pulse Train: 35.0 to 21.5 msec
  • Charges/Pulse: 6 to 16 µ Coulomb
  • Power Supply: 9V Battery, AC Adaptor
  • Dimensions: 5"x3"x1.19"
  • Weight: 4.6 oz.
  • LCD display
  • Power - On / Off push button
  • Range of Frequency - 1-21Hz (adjustable)
  • Timer / Time Display
  • Memory Preset

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your questions, from the flippant to the serious.
Is it a gadget? Is it serious?

The answer? It's accurate, exciting and it works?
And because it works by coaxing the body to develop it's own defence mechanisms, it's completely natural!

Please note that we are not medical practitioners and are not legally premitted to make any claims that the Aculife can CURE ailments.

Is it safe?

The ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE THERAPIST is safe and there are no side effects although inevitably there are some people who should not use it (see below). Benefits have been gained from magnetic therapy for hundreds or even thousands of years. (It is believed to have been used in Ancient Egypt where Cleopatra is understood to have used it to preserve her beauty). Over 1 million people have already benefited from using the Aculife and hundreds of millions of people worldwide benefit from magnetic therapy. Indeed, in Japan and many parts of the Far East, magnetism is as ubiquitous as the Aspirin is over here. The magnetic wave at less than 50 Hz is well below internationally set limits for medical machines. Many other magnetic products operate at between 100 and 500 Hz. The gauss rating of the Aculife is 1-10 MG. The earth's magnetic field operates at approximately 0.5 gauss. The device has undergone extensive market research and development testing since the late 1990s and also has the requisite patents and safety certificates including EC certification CE 0434.

Are there any side effects?

Because the Aculife works by using magnetic waves to coax the body into improving itself without using drugs or being invasive in any way, it means that there aren't any harmful side effects. There are, however, some people who should not use magnetic aids.

Can ANYBODY use it?

Though safe for the majority, there will ALWAYS be exceptions - so


o    use a pacemaker

o    are pregnant

o    have malignant tumours

o    tend to haemorrhage

o    have tuberculosis

o    are a child under 3

o    seriously alcoholic intoxicated

Why not? All magnetic therapies improve the efficiency of the flow of blood around the body, so it could have the effect of feeding tumours and sustaining haemorrhages. It is possible that the electricity and magnetism could interfere with a pacemaker's operation or battery. Children in the womb or under three are still in very early stages of development and it is standard practice to avoid exposing them to any external stimuli.

Is this a miracle cure-all?

No, but it is strikingly effective. Of course it's not going to eradicate all use of medicinal drugs, instantly repair broken limbs or replace Western medicine. But it does provide a way to maximise your recovery from illness, to improve your ability to fight off disease and alert you to 'silent' problems that you may be unaware of.

The magazine adverts make some strong claims. Are they real?

Yes. Have a look at The Ad Claims page for more detail

How do people use it?

This one's interesting. People we have spoken have used it to:

·         find something that's wrong - the hypochondriac's ultimate dream?

·         identify potential problems then exercise their choice to do nothing or to see a GP

·         treat specific minor ailments, such as muscle injuries

·         give general maintenance, to try to avoid the use of drugs and grow old naturally

·         provide after-dinner entertainment and conversation

·         give a very different gift - novel as well as healthy

·         supplement or complement some other therapies, such as physiotherapy

·         accelerate recovery after exercise

Isn't this just a gadget?

No, but it can be fun to try with a group of friends and provides hours of interesting conversation after dinner! To be frank, that's how we used it for the first few months after buying it. It can be extraordinarily entertaining watching your family and friends identify for themselves what's wrong with them! We have found that it very quickly identifies long-forgotten injuries or ailments which helps to convince people that there could well be something to it, further stimulating interest and eliminating the inevitable "It must be a trick" or "you're doing something". So actually, it often starts off as a gadget but quickly moves beyond that and into the 'interesting' area because as it so accurately detects problems that you are already aware of. It is then reasonable to accept that some problems you weren't aware of may need some investigation.
After that it's only a short step to thinking "Well, if it can detect so accurately, there must be some sort of link to the remote organs from from these acupoints so it may very well help to relieve the problems we've found". That was our line of thought, anyway. When it went on to actually improve our health problems we became totally convinced.

Does it work on other parts of the body?

Yes. Since the body is meant to be perfectly balanced, you could use the right ear / right hand combination. But apparently the skin is much less sensitive on the right hand than on the left hand, so the results are less noticeable for the vast majority of points. You could also use the acupoints on the ear. But the wand is too blunt for the precision that is really needed and you'd probably need someone else to apply it accurately. You could use the acupoints on your left foot. But they haven't been mapped out to anything like the detail that the left hand has. It's also unhygienic and difficult to reach. Incidentally, most of the examples here suggest the palm. Don't forget the back of the hand as there are many important points here too. It's designed for use on the ear and the palm. We don't recommend that you try it elsewhere and you should avoid using it on your face, heart or chest. It also won't be as effective if you use the left hand / right ear combination or vice versa, and it also won't be as effective if you don't use the earpiece.

Does it hurt?

When you first use it, the stimulation can come as something of a surprise, so the answer is that it can do - at first. The thing to do is to start off in 'Detect' mode at a very low level and gradually build up as you get used to it. Some people find this a bit difficult, but it really is worthwhile persevering. If you still feel tender, you could try Detecting in 'Relieve' mode or try adjusting the earpiece as this sometimes affects the degree of power being sent through your body. The higher the level you can endure, the more accurate the detection and the better the effect on your health as the brain generates more and more endorphins.

How many of these have been sold?

We must keep our promise to the developers not to reveal detailed information that may be commercially sensitive. We have promised that we will only give round numbers.
Serious marketing started in the Far East in 2000 before being launched to a small number of markets in 2001. To date approachung half a million units have been sold in countries as diverse as Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Germany and Switzerland. And now the United Kingdom! We have been told that well over 1 MILLION people have now been treated using the Aculife as a result of trials and sales. All of which makes us feel that it's here to stay.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. The recommended retail price in the US is now just $299.99 which having owned and used an Aculife for two years we believe is very good value for money and an excellent investment in yourself. A typical specialist treatment will cost at least $70 per session. For $299.99 you have a device which detects, relieves AND protects without the need for specialist knowledge.

If you use it to supplement or as part of your treatment, we would expect the number of treatments necessary to be reduced.

For us, it has opened up a host of possibilities:

  • We should certainly reduce those unnecessary visits to the doctor
  • We can detect conditions early enough to prevent them developing and catch them before its too late to do anything about them
  • Using the Aculife has opened our minds to alternative ways of getting and staying healthy and to a totally different approach to medicine
  • We just may be able to avoid using some medicinal drugs in the future.
  • It puts us in a position where we can have more control over our own health
  • We can detect and treat ourselves in our own time in the comfort of home

Aren't there similar products about?

There are products that also stimulate acupoints by magnets or by magnetic waves. What is unique to the Aculife is that the acupoint stimulation is done by you via the palm of the hand and the ear simultaneously, it is dual function and as a result is more accurate. It has also undergone extensive testing for safety and efficacy by the developers XfinityLife R&D Technology Limited with whom we work in close co-operation. Other products require direct stimulation on the specific body acupoint, which of course requires detailed knowledge and obviously needs a specialist to do it - not least when the acupoint is in some inaccessible position. More recently there are some products on the market that apply a light stimulus to some points on the hand, which has some similarities to the way the Aculife works. Then again, Bentleys and Mini Coopers have similarities too. The major differences with the Aculife are in the accuracy, overall effect and the beneficial impacts of dual stimulation.

Acupunture without needle!!!

Alternative Medicine: Is The Aculife Magnetic Therapist The Answer You've Been Looking For?

In Chinese medicine. health is a condition of balance of “yin” and “yang” energies within the body. The free flow of “Qi” (Vital Energy) is responsible for maintaining proper health and vitality. Treatments like acupuncture and acupressure regulate the flow of Qi, tonifying where there is deficiency, draining where there is excess, and promoting free flow where there is stagnation. An axiom of the medical literature of acupuncture is "no pain, no blockage; no blockage, no pain."

Acupuncture points and meridians

Treatment of acupuncture points may be performed along several layers of pathways, most commonly the twelve primary channels, or “mai”, located throughout the body. The first twelve channels correspond to systems of function: Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, “San Jiao” (an intangible, also known as Triple Burner), Gall Bladder, and Liver. Other pathways include the Eight Extraordinary Pathways (“Qi Jing Ba Mai”), the “Luo” Vessels, the Divergents and the Sinew Channels. “Ashi” (tender) points are generally used for treatment of local pain.

Of the eight extraordinary pathways, only two have acupuncture points of their own: the “Ren Mai” and “Du Mai”, which are situated on the midline of the anterior and posterior aspects of the trunk and head respectively. The other six meridians are "activated" by using a master and couple point technique which involves needling the acupuncture points located on the twelve main meridians that correspond to the particular extraordinary pathway.

The twelve primary pathways run vertically, bilaterally, and symmetrically and every channel corresponds to and connects internally with one of the twelve “Zang Fu” ("organs"). This means that there are six yin and six yang channels. There are three yin and three yang channels on each arm, and three yin and three yang on each leg.

The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist was designed to Detect imbalances within the meridians of the human body. When in detection mode, it locates acupuncture points and gives an audible alarm when deficiency is detected. With a flip of its selector switch, it is prepared to treat the acupuncture point that was located. An internal timer controls the device as it uses a gentle electric charge to stimulate the acupuncture point.

For sufferers of chronic pain, inflammation, and body irregularities, the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist is a solution to many physical ailments. It will allow you to stimulate your chi where you need it most. The best way to find out if the Aculife is right for you and your health is to try it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Problem treats with aculife(Masalah kesihatan yang boleh dirawat dengan akupuntur)

Some conditions regularly benefit from treating the same points

The Hygienic Manual of Magic Electric Magnetic Wave identifies acupoints that can be used to treat the following conditions in the majority of people:

  • Heart Disease (tightening pain in the chest / shortness of breath / high cholesterol)
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure). See also the Clinical Testing Report from 2000
  • Hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • Dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps)
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis (indigestion)
  • Acute Cholecystitis / Acute Cholelithiasis (gallstones / inflammation of the gallbladder)
  • Constipation
  • Impotence (sexual dysfunction)
  • Haemorrhoids (piles)
  • Insomnia
  • Gastritis/peptic ulcer (abdominal pains / inflammation of the stomach lining)
  • Cervico Genic Vertigo / Cervico Genic Headache (giddiness / nausea / vomiting / headache / cold sweat / neck pain and soreness / upper limb pain and soreness)
  • Lower back pain (lower back pain / spinal column)
  • Arthritis (stiffness and swelling of joints)
  • Toothache
  • Bronchitis / asthma
  • Post Stroke syndromes
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sinusitis
  • Colds (influenza/chills)
  • Weight reduction
  • Cosmetology (skin condition, beauty, healthy looks)
  • Gout
  • Hard of hearing
  • Flaccid paralysis of the face

As well as acupoints for

  • General Healthcare (looking after yourself and your health)